Brandon Latoski: Battlefield 4, Tattoos, photograp

I'm Brandon I'm 25.. I don't even know where to start ha My life's been a pretty crazy ride so far.. I was born in Greeley Colorado and lived in Fort Morgan. I moved here to Indiana when I was about 8-9.. I'll skip the crazy details I guess.. Um, I have over 25 plus tattoos and still going.. I have 6 piercings.. I worked as a tattoo Artist for a while.. Some of my fav things are photography, Music, Art oh and Beer love that shit. I was a vocalist in two bands, one was Deathcore and the other was acoustic ..

Hope you like my blog of random ass stuff..

Battlefield 4 PC | Bullet To The Head

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waz14120 asked: Hey, I really like your posts, You've got an awesome blog, Whats your handle, want to interview you?

Say waaaaaaahhh?

teesatitter asked: yeah so I think I like you

Aww well even tho this was 21321654 years ago.. Thank you :)